Oops Grab Bag | Mixed Kits | No Discount Codes/Rewards Please

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IMPORTANT: No discount codes or rewards points may be used. If a discount code/reward points is used I will have to cancel the order.

The mixed kit bag consists of 20 sheets from various kit collections. I tried my best to have at least 2 sheets of the same collection. I recommend only buying 1 bag to avoid getting repeat sheets.

These bags contain imperfect stickers that are still usable. Imperfections may include:

-Black foil spots

-Print stain 

-Cuts that are not centered

-Cuts that are too deep (making the stickers a bit tricky to peel off).

These grab bags can not be returned or canceled. I try my best to throw away the errors that are too big but if you end up finding an unusable sticker sheet please email me at papermusecrafts@gmail.com.